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Urine Analysis for Dogs and Cats


A complete urinalysis is a  key part in monitoring an animal's health.  The tests check for many items that  relate to the kidney and bladder health and to other internal conditions as well. In most cases, the urine can be collected with ease. The cost of the test is low.

Our service offers pick up of the urine at the residence. Urine collection supplies,  specimen containers and transport vessels are provided.

Our service is ideally suited for animals recovering from urinary tract infections, FLUTD in cats, renal failure and other disease conditions.

A recheck schedule for long-term monitoring service is also available.

Our service is helpful in monitoring diabetic patients.

Specimen pickups available weekdays and weekends.


Inquiries: call or text 202-375-0542 or email urine@homecareforanimals.com




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